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Help Available for Tenants

It is imperative to understand that there is currently no such thing as a ‘rent holiday’ or a ‘rent deferment’ for tenants. This is not provided by or supported by the government and therefore is not an option. In extreme circumstances if this is requested and agreed by a landlord, the tenant would still need to repay the full amount of owed rent within their current tenancy term. For some tenants their remaining tenancy term is just a number of months which means it is very unlikely repayment is achievable. It is therefore imperative to prioritise your rent and look to defer/save elsewhere. 

Financial Options and Assistance Available for Tenants

1. Use savings

2. Ask family members for help in the short term and organise a re-payment plan

3. Banks are offering overdrafts and loans at reduced interest rates

4. Many credit cards are delaying interest charges and payments

5. Council tax reduction – contact your council to get a discount

6. Motor finance – many are offering an extension of lease reducing monthly       payments

7. Insurance policies – check if you are covered for sickness or loss of work

8. Credit deferment – many loans/banks are offering deferments on monies owed

9. Utility companies – many are offering deferment/holiday period

10. Water bills – offering adjusted tariffs or payment break

11. Universal credit application

12. Housing benefit application

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